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Nov 09, 2012 at 03:14pm IST

Ram comment not a mistake, I don't owe any apology, says Jethmalani

New Delhi: Senior lawyer and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ram jethmalani on Friday said that he had no regrets about his comment on lord Ram. Talking to CNN-IBN's Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate, Jetmalani said that his comment was not a mistake. Ram Jethmalani had on Thursday called Ram, the protagonist in the epic 'Ramayana', a bad husband.

When asked whether the comment was an attempt to embarrass the BJP, Jethmalani said, "I have no motivation to embarrass BJP, I want to strengthen the party." He also said that he won't apologise for the comment. "I have no obligation of any kind of apology to anyone. The Press has lost its sense of humour," Jethmalani said.

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Adding more to his Ram comment, Jethmalani added that he had serious doubts as to whether Ram was a historical figure. "It's my understanding to mythology. I have serious doubts whether Ram in that sense is a historical figure," Jethmalani said.

Ram Jethmalani had on Thursday called Ram, the protagonist in the epic 'Ramayana', a bad husband. Jethmalani was attending the release of a book on man-woman relationship when he made the remark.

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Responding to a query, Jethmalani said that Ram was a bad husband as he sent his wife Sita to exile for no specific reason. "Ram was a bad husband. I don't like him at all. Just because some fisherman said something, he sent that poor woman (Sita) to vanvaas (exile). Lakshman was even worse. When Sita was abducted, Ram asked him to go find her as she was abducted under his watch. Lakshman simply excused himself saying she was his sister-in-law and he never looked at her face, so he wouldn't be able to identify her." Jethmalani said to laughter from the audience.

'Gadkari issue has not affected my ties with BJP'

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When asked about his demand for BJP President Nitin Gadkari's resignation, Jethmalani said it was now a matter between gadkari and the party. He also claimed that his stand on Gadkari has not affected his ties with Gadkari.

"Gadkari matter is now between the BJP and the party president. I have no further part to play. The issue hasn't affected my relationship with the BJP. Some leaders think I should go out of the party," Jethmalani said.