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Feb 07, 2009 at 04:07pm IST

Ramadoss targets fairness cream manufacturers

New Delhi: After long crusades against tobacco, alcohol and junk food, Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has fired his last salvo on companies marketing fairness creams. He wants the product manufactures to provide a scientific evidence of their claims.

The advertisements of fairness creams promise to turn an ugly duckling into dazzling Snow White in a matter of weeks. Even Shah Rukh Khan has bought into the fantasy but the Health Minister is not buying it.

“This needs to stop. They cannot say within one week – you will be white and all this. They need to provide scientific evidence,” says Ramadoss.

With the Indian obsession for fair skin showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, Indian skincare today has become a booming market worth well over Rs 2000 crore.

The market has grown by over 20 per cent in the last five years with companies jostling with each other for bigger consumer share. But most of these wonder creams don’t seem to be effective.

However, the skin experts have a different take on the issue.

“These creams can harm the skin,” says a dermatologist.

Meanwhile Ramadoss has written to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry seeking action against such tall claims made by the companies.