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Feb 10, 2009 at 02:00am IST

Work hard: Ramesh Krishnan tells Yuki Bhambri

New Delhi: It's quite an rare meeting two Grand Slam Champions together and even rarer if both are Indian. Australian Open junior champion Yuki Bhambri met former junior Wimbledon and French Open champion Ramesh Krishnan in New Delhi.

The duo spoke to CNN-IBN about Indian tennis with Ramesh Krishnan refusing to compare tennis with cricket.

"Why should we compare ourselves with cricket all the time? Tennis is tennis and it has its own history and tradition around it. It also has a busy schedule round the year. So I don't see it happening in the near future," said Krishnan

CNN-IBN: Going back to both of your wins, which was your best win at the Australian Open?

Yuki Bhambri: Definitely the final. I think people say you save the best for the end, for the last. That definitely was one of my best matches which I have played so far and hopefully many more will continue.

CNN-IBN: Mr Krishnan one of your favourite wins. The French Open?

Ramesh Krishnan: Well! I can't really remember what happened yesterday. (You are) asking me to look 30-35 years back. But the final was a big thrill for me. We played at the Centre Court right after the men's singles final. So it was a big thrill for me to be on the same court that Bjorn Borg had won a title on.

CNN-IBN: Yuki, your most unforgettable incident at Melbourne?

Yuki Bhambri: Definitely looking at the schedule seeing myself play bon Rod Laver Arena.

CNN-IBN: What would your piece of advice for Yuki would be?

Ramesh Krishnan: Well the main thing is he is at a nice point. He has done well so far. Congratulations and well done so far. But I think he must keep working hard and not rest of this laurel. I think there is plenty more to do.

CNN-IBN: If both of you were on court what would be the score line Mr Krishnan?

Ramesh Krishnan: (laughs) 6-0, 6-0 for Yuki.

Yuki Bhambri: No! I won't agree on that. He has obviously bee a great player and you can't really compare both of us.