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Jan 25, 2011 at 08:47pm IST

Rathore's attacker targets Aarushi's father

New Delhi: Aarushi Talwar's father Dr Rajesh Talwar was attacked by a 29-year-old student of National Institute of Design Utsav Sharma outside the Ghaziabad court on Tuesday.

Former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore was also attacked by Utsav in February last year. Utsav, then said that he wanted to teach Rathore a lesson. His parents had said he was mentally unstable.

Utsav was immediately taken into custody and Rajesh Talwar who was badly injured was taken to a hospital.

29-year-old Utsav Sharma was a student of the National Institute of Design, studying animation film design. His teachers remember him as a quiet student who didn't have too many friends.

NID Registrar Dr Vijaya Deshmukh said that during the time he was at NID, there were no complaints against him.

Utsav's parents are both professors at the Benaras Hindu University. His mother Indira Sharma, a professor of psychiatry says her son is on medication.

After questioning Utsav, the police said Utsav had pre-planned this attack. He had come to Delhi for the Art Summit and had come to Ghaziabad Court fully prepared. He also apparently purchased the cleaver from a market in the capital. Utsav was actually standing outside the court waiting to attack Rajesh Talwar, with the knife in his bag.

The question arises, what made Utsav do such a thing not once, but twice?

Utsav's reasons for attacking DGP Rathore and Dr Rajesh Talwar are very similar. In this case too he had been following all news reports related to the Aarushi case and felt that the courts will not be able to punish the accused and that's why it was important for him to take the law into his own hands. He has now been arrested and booked for attempt to murder. While DGP Rathore had chosen not to press charges against him, it remains to be seen how the Talwar family reacts to the entire incident.

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