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May 15, 2012 at 10:57am IST

'Real Hero' struggles for wife's treatment

Jamshedpur: In Jharkhand's East Singhbhum district, Kantha Singh is a father to 65 orphaned children. His extraordinary work fetched him the CNN-IBN Real Hero award in 2010. But two years down the line, Kantha Singh is facing the biggest challenge of his life. He doesn't have enough money to take care of his ailing wife.

His wife is suffering from cancer and Kantha is helpless. He has been languishing in a private hospital in Jamshedpur and struggling to pay for his wife's treatment.

"I don't have money for my wife's treatment. Even the children in my orphanage are going through a really tough time," Kantha said.

But even in this hour of crisis, Kantha is concerned about his children. He spent every penny of the reward money to build a concrete building and stock food for them.

Earlier, Kantha Singh used to go door to door seeking help and donations for his orphanage. But now with his wife having been hospitalised, he doesn't have the time or the money to support his orphanage.

While Kantha Singh's wife fights cancer, he fights abject helplessness. The kids face the battle of survival with the fight against hunger and an uncertain future.