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Aug 29, 2009 at 12:44am IST

Really Tough Movie Quiz: Answers and winners

Here are the results of last week's Really Tough Movie Quiz are out. Find out if you are one of the lucky winners.

Ques 1: Identify this 90s cult hit from the names of these characters who appear in it:

Vincent Vega

Jules Winnfield

Mia Wallace

Ans 1: Pulp Fiction

Ques 2: Take a look at this picture. The actors have been removed, but can you name the film?

Ans 2: The Sound of Music

Ques 3: Meryl Streep has received 15 Academy Award nominations, but won only twice. For which films did she win?

Ans 3: Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs Kramer (1979) and Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice (1982)

Ques 4: Arrange these films in the order they were released, starting with the earliest:

Jerry Maguire

The Last Samurai

War of the Worlds

Top Gun

Minority Report

Ans 4: Top Gun

Jerry Maguire

Minority Report

The Last Samurai

War of the Worlds

And the winners are:

Jitin Sipahimalani, Mumbai

Leju Kunjappy, Pune

Rohan Nathaniel, Bangalore

Sumit Mehra, New Delhi

Arjun Raaghav, Chennai