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Feb 28, 2009 at 12:31am IST

Really Tough Movie Quiz: Answers and winners

Here are the answers and winners of last week's Really Tough Movie Quiz. See if you won.

Ques 1) Identify the film from the names of these characters who appear in it:

Ranvir Singh

Rajiv Singh

Robert D'Costa

Ans: Race

Ques 2) Take a look at this picture. The actors have been removed, but can you name the film?

Ans: Rang De Basanti

Ques 3) After how many years does the band Magik reunite to perform on stage in Rock On?

Ans: Ten years

Ques 4) In Satya, Chakravarthi and Urmila's characters are in a cinema watching a film when a stampede breaks out. What film are they watching?

Ans: Border

And the winners are:

Madhu Tandon, Mumbai

Anshul Garg, Chennai

Neeraj Menon, Pune

Sunil Chaurasia, Lucknow

Mandeep Gupta, Bangalore

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