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Sep 14, 2007 at 09:42am IST

Rebel MLAs set prayers against Modi as caller tunes

Ahmedabad: After failing to get any help from the BJP high command, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's bitter critic and suspended party leader, Gordhan Zadafia is looking for some divine help.

He and other rebels in the BJP have chosen a specific prayer as their caller tune for their cellphone because it inspires them to bring down the Chief Minister.

In fact, the decision to select the particular prayer had also something to do with spirituality.

"It was a common feeling and it has led all those to set the caller tune which can inspire party workers, MLAs and whosoever calls on our phones. On a spiritual base, when one wants to do something extra, then the support of the Almighty is needed and this is an inspiring tone," says Zadafia.

Like Zadafia, other rebel MLAs — including Siddharth Parmar, Raju Pathak and Dhiru Gajera — too have the caller tune. Parmar says he was among the first to have set the caller tune.

"I was among the first to raise my voice against Modi and set the caller tune. Others gradually joined in. It's a nice way to fight against evil," says Parmar.

However, the BJP is playing cool and acting as if it doesn't seem to be affected too much by this move, has said that it's good to have prayers as caller tones.

Says Gujarat BJP spokesperson, Yamal Vyas, "It's a good thing that a prayer is set as a ringtone. We welcome it. I do not see too much significance into it."

But the question is, can prayers alone bring down Modi? Zadafia, who is yet to chalk out an electoral plan seems to have left everything to God.