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Apr 10, 2013 at 07:17pm IST

Relief for Pakistani Hindus seeking asylum in India, visas extended

New Delhi: A day after CNN-IBN highlighted the plight of 400 Pakistani Hindus seeking asylum in New Delhi, there may be some immediate relief in store it seems. Their visas have now been extended for a month by the Indian government.

Sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs have indicated to CNN-IBN that the fresh batch of Pakistani Hindus in India will not be deported even though their visas have expired. Sources add that although the MHA is yet to receive a letter from the Delhi government referring their asylum case the Delhi government will forward the requests soon.

The Hindus constituted 22 per cent of the Pakistani population in 1951. Today, their share is down to less than two per cent with a majority of Hindu families living in the Sindh region.

Pakistan is home to world's fifth largest Hindu population in the world but their fast shrinking numbers as these people take refuge in India is a reflection of the challenges they face as a minority in that country.