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Jun 03, 2012 at 10:34am IST

Remembering MF Husain on his 1st death anniversary

New Delhi: A different aspect of the life of iconic painter MF Husain will come to light on the eve of his first death anniversary with a reading of his personal diary written in Hindi, Urdu and English in New Delhi.

The diary, entirely in beautiful calligraphy, would be read out at an event organised by a foundation established by Husain's close friend and painter Sayed Haider Raza on June 8. It also contains some drawings by the renowned painter, who died in exile in London on June 9 last year after a heart attack.

"The diary was found in the personal collection of Hindi author Krishna Baldev Vaid. What better occasion than this to remember the great painter," said Sanjeev Kumar Choube, manager of the Raza Foundation.

Remembering MF Husain on his 1st death anniversary

A reading of the iconic painter, who died on June 9, 2011, personal diary written in Hindi, Urdu and English.

Excerpts from the Urdu section of the book would be read out by Vaid, while the Hindi section would be read by Hindi poet and art critic Prayag Shukla, Choube said. "The English section would be read out by Krishna Khanna, an artist who was also a friend of M F Husain," he said.

Sahmat, another group, is also planning to come up with a mobile exhibition of reproduction of Husain's works. "We are thinking of an exhibition. We have not finalised our programme. May be by next week, we will have a clear idea about our plans," a member of Sahmat said.