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Jan 14, 2014 at 11:17am IST

Retired police officer shoots at man who was texting during a movie

An argument between a couple who was texting during a movie and a retired police officer led to a gunfire which left one man dead and a woman wounded.

The incident occurred in a movie theatre in Florida where the 'Lone Survivor' was being screened. According to the police, retired Tampa police officer Curtis Reeves, 71, became annoyed when couple - Chad and Nichole Oulson - continued to send text messages during the screening of the movie.

The police said that Reeves left the theatre after repeatedly asking the couple, who were seated in front of him, to stop texting. When Reeves returned to continue watching the movie, Chad Oulson mocked him by asking if he Reeves had complained to the management of the theatre about his phone use. This provoked Reeves and an argument unfolded between the two, which resulted in gunfire.

Chad Oulson died and his wife has been wounded. The Tampa police identified Reeves as a former captain who retired 20 years ago after helping create the department's Tactical Response Team.

A couple of nurses who were watching the movie too, performed CPR on Chad Oulson in an attempt to save his life. Chad Oulson was pronounced dead at the Tampa General Hospital and Nichole, who had tried to block the bullet using her hand, is being treated for her wounds.

Retired police officer in US shoots at man who was texting during a movie

Retired police officer in US shoots a man who was texting during a movie.

Reeves was charged with second degree homicide.