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Nov 04, 2008 at 12:03am IST

RJD leader assaults Kingfisher manager

Mumbai: Union Minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal MP, Akhilesh Prasad Singh allegedly beat up the station manager of Kingfisher Airlines at Patna Airport on Monday after he was not allowed to board Patna-Kolkata flight as he reported late at the airport.

A Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson, in a statement on Monday night, alleged that the Airport Manager was assaulted, abused and had to bear a barrage of foul language from Singh, without any provocation.

As per the statement, Singh, who is Minister of State for Food was scheduled to travel on flight IT 4580 from Patna to Kolkata.

MINISTER IN TROUBLE: A Kingfisher Airlines spokesperson alleged that Akhilesh Prasad abused airport manager as he was denied to take the flight.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 2030 hrs IST and at 2010 hrs IST, the Kingfisher Airlines staff at Patna Airport were informed by Singh's travel agent that he would not be travelling on the flight.

At around 2020 hrs IST after all the guests were on board, Patna ATC gave start-up and push-back clearance to the commander of the aircraft.

The aircraft had just begun taxiing when Singh reportedly landed at the airport 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight, the statement said.

"Under the circumstances, considering the fact that the aircraft had began taxiing, our Airport Manager told Singh the same and regretted that he could not join the flight as we were told that he was not coming," the statement said.

"That was when Singh assaulted and abused our Airport Manager in the VIP lounge in the presence of several witnesses," Kingfisher Airlines added.

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