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Jun 19, 2012 at 05:36pm IST

Rock the Shaadi: Producer hits out at Abhay Deol for going public

New Delhi: India's first zombie film 'Rock the Shaadi' seems to be in trouble. Siddharth Jain, the producer of the film, has criticised Abhay Deol for going public about the delay in the film. He says, "I am currently in Fiji for a film, so wish I could do this face to face. And I really wished, that Abhay would speak to me directly and not through the press. All I can say is that Abhay should check facts directly, form a fair opinion and then react publicly. Not to go on hearsay and get emotional about friendships. There were 200 people on the set and everyone knows what happened."

Abhay Deol and Genelia D'Souza are playing the lead roles in the film. Earlier, Abhay Deol had hinted that the film is shelved. He expressed so in a Mid Day interview, "The film is not happening because the co-producer (Siddharth M Jain's iRock) messed it up. There has been all kinds of news about the state of the film. But anything not attributed to me is false. I don't know what they are going to do now."

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He also said, "Both producer Ekta Kapoor and me really want to complete the film. I have suffered a lot because of this. It is really sad. 40 minutes of the film are ready and it is looking really good. The film has everything that a commercial potboiler needs."

Rock the Shaadi: Producer hits out at Abhay Deol

Siddharth Jain, the producer of the film, has criticised Abhay Deol for going public about the delay in the film.

Apparently, half of the film is already shot, Siddharth Jain says, "Balaji has been extremely reasonable in wanting to make the film in a certain budget. I had sold the film to them. If I was the problem, then the film would have, still been completed without me. Clearly I am not the cause of the delay. It's my script and a superb one. So far 45min of the 90min film that's been shot, and it looks superb. We made Ragini MMS, we know budgets. High concept films cannot be made lavishly and everyone has to cooperate to work in a certain way, which means, thinking outside the box."

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Abhay Deol had blamed the production company iRock for inexperience in filmmaking, "They don't have enough experience to produce a film."

Jain retorts to this allegation, "We have a slate of 6 films which are starting to shoot in the next 9 months with film budgets ranging from Rs 5 to 50 crore. We focus on high concept, commercial, youth films. Crazy 'Disco Valley', vampire 'Bloody Veer', horror 'The Pool', spoofy 'Jaa Chudail Jaa', chick-flick 'Kinky and Pinky' and 'Size Zero' amongst others. No one would fund us, if we didn't know what we were doing."

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Whosoever emerges as the winner in this war of words, the Indian audiences would be at loss who will be deprived of India's fist zombie film if 'Rock the Shaadi' gets shelved.

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