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Jun 20, 2007 at 02:51am IST

Guns make way for roses in UP

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh): After witnessing violence between two communities in Gorakhpur, the people in the city are opting for Gandhigiri to settle differences.

As violence from Gorakhpur spread to six more districts in east Uttar Pradesh, popularly called Purvanchal, pamphlets and roses were distributed in an effort to bring peace.

After curfew relaxed, locals from both the Hindu and Muslim communities, took to the streets to sow the seeds of harmony.

“We want people to propagate the ideology of Gandhi and to live in peace and harmony,” a resident of Gorakhpur, Sayeed Jamal appeals.

These peacekeepers went to sensitive areas and tried to thwart incidents that could potentially stir up communal passion. Dozens of such groups have been working relentlessly for the past several days and the message is loud and clear – people in this region don’t want any more violence.

“I am a resident of Gorakhpur and I don't any violence in my state. And other people also stand by my feelings,” a student of third standard, Anupriya says.

This small group may not be a match to the communal forces that have succeed in driving a wedge between the two communities since the last 40 years. But their effort has started bearing fruit and the local administration is banking heavily on their efforts for peace in the area.

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