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Jun 07, 2013 at 12:11pm IST

Row over Karnataka Vidhana Soudha renovation

Bangalore: The renovation of Karnataka's Vidhana Soudha has triggered a massive debate in the state on the unnecessary expenditure. The Opposition has alleged that the renovation is to meet Vaastu standards.

A larger room for Karnataka's Environment Minister Ramanath Rai was approved and a wall of the famed Vidhana Soudha came down to make more space. The demolition has left gaping holes in a heritage structure and raging questions on why a minister was allowed to have his way.

The issue of Rai's new chamber being expanded by a demolition led to outrage in the Assembly. The Opposition members demanded an explanation on if this was for Vaastu while Rai said, "I did not ask them to bring down a wall. I asked for a larger room, some officials are responsible for this."

But not everyone is buying the argument that officials would bring down a wall without the minister knowing about it and, in any case, want the officials punished.

It was Kengal Hanumanthaya who built the landmark structure in the heart of Bangalore more than five decades ago. While the ruling Congress assures that it won't allow such damage to occur again to his legacy, there's no word on how it'll make good the damage already done.