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Dec 11, 2012 at 04:21pm IST

Rs 4,999 Portronics Handmate converts your non-touch screen into a touchscreen

New Delhi: Microsoft's Windows 8 is best experienced on touch enabled devices, but the problem is that most of existing desktops and laptops are not touch-enabled. Portronics' Handmate attempts to bridge that experience gap by converting normal non-touch laptop screen into a touchscreen.

Priced at Rs 4,999 Portronics Handmate uses ultrasound and infrared technologies and includes an ultrasonic digital stylus and receiving unit. The disadvantage of the Handmate is that unlike the off-the-shelf touchscreen devices, this requires a stylus to operate, something that many users may find cumbersome.

The Handmate connects to the laptop using a USB port and according to Portronics is compatible only with Windows 8.

Portronics Handmate converts non-touch screen into a touchscreen

Portronics' Handmate attempts to bridge the experience gap on Windows 8 on non-touch laptops.