Mar 13, 2012 at 07:12pm IST

Rupa Ganguly did not want to sing: 'Abosheshey' director Aditi Roy

New Delhi: Rupa Ganguly won a National Award for her songs ‘Dure Kothao Dure Dure’ and ‘Aaji Bijan Ghare’. But the director of the movie ‘Abosheshey’ had to say that quite an amount of serious convincing was needed to get the actress to lend her voice for the songs.

The Bengali film ‘Abosheshey’ has already created quite a buzz by bagging the Best Female Playback Singer award at the National Awards this year. Film student Aditi Roy, who donned the director’s hat for the venture spoke to IBNLive about the movie and the story behind its success.

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Speaking about the film Aditi Roy, a Jadavpur University post graduate, said that she had heard the story a few years back and she wanted to make a movie on it. She didn’t know when – but she was already in love with the story. And come 2011, her project was finished and ready for the award juries.

Rupa Ganguly did not want to sing: Aditi Roy

The actress who won the National Award for her playback singing - apparently did not want to sing at all.

‘Abosheshey’ stars Raima Sen, Rupa Ganguly and Ankur Khanna in the leading roles. The story actually revolves around Rupa Ganguly, Aditi Roy explains. As the plot runs – the movie is about the discovery of a woman and a mother by her son.

Separated from his mother at a very young age – Soumya (Ankur Khanna) is not very close to her. Following her death, Soumya must make the journey back to his mother’s home to settle some legal matters. But the path traversed unfolds a lot more than legal settlements. The son gets a chance to unfold the story behind the woman who was his mother – through her writings and stories from her friends. He retraces his steps back to her life and discovers not only his mother – but also a woman he has never really known.

Roy puts the film in to perspective by calling it a collection of words and moments and places that ensconces the soul of a mother and a woman.

‘Abosheshey’ has already bagged a few notable awards and the producers are waiting for the best time to let the movie hit the markets. Though Roy says that she had more expectations from the National Awards - she is very happy with the response it has generated.

What has generated the most interest is of course the songs of the film. Aditi Roy reveals that Ganguly is actually a very good singer and she has an album of her songs already. Though she refused to sing for the movie – the cast and crew persisted and the results were magical.

‘Abosheshey’ is expected to hit the screens this summer.