Mar 26, 2009 at 01:49pm IST

Arthur questions Buchanan's move

New Delhi: South Africa coach Mickey Arthur has questioned John Buchanan's idea of having multiple captains for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) during the second edition of the IPL and said such a move would only leave players in the squad confused and disoriented, especially in the midst of a match situation.

''It has to be one leader always,'' Arthur told Cricinfo. ''I favour the one-captain situation because everybody in the team is clear about who is in charge at all times.''

Buchanan, the former Australia coach who is now in charge of the KKR, has unveiled a new concept of multiple captains which he says would change the whole approach to captaincy and leadership in cricket.

STRATEGY BLUR: John Buchanan, the former Australia coach, is now in charge of the KKR.

But Arthur feels that the move would only confuse issues within the squad.

''If you have more than one guy as leader, you don't know whom to turn to,'' he said.

''I really don't know what he is aiming at. But I know from experience that communication within a team is fundamental to its success, and that could be a problem when you actually implement this idea on the ground,''

he said.

''The players need to know clearly who is in charge,'' he added.