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Mar 27, 2009 at 05:39pm IST

Saakshi Tanwar talks of life beyond Parvati

The actress with whom every Indian woman identified, thanks to her character Parvati in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, is back. This time Saakshi Tanwar is doing a film called Coffee House. We decided to meet her and ask her what more has she been up to. Excerpts from an interview...

Network 18: Coffee House is your second film, after a cameo in C Kkompany. Saakshi Tanwar: How has the transition from films to TV been?

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I'm an actor. I'm creative and I want to reach out to people. So, the medium doesn't matter to me. But yes, while shooting for Coffee House, initially it was difficult for me as the pace of shooting films is slow – there is a lot of detailing.

Network 18: Was it difficult to adjust to the new life after Kahaani Ghar Saakshi Tanwar: Ghar Kii ended?

Yes, I didn't realise that eight years had passed with me playing Parvati. The day the show got over, I went abroad for a month to the UK and US. Then I went home to my parents in Alwar. That time was enough for me to get over the Kahaani…vacuum.

Network 18: What is your role in Coffee House?

Saakshi Tanwar: I play Kavita, the wife of Kamal, Ashutosh Rana's character. Kavita is a modern woman, simple but with strong ideologies. Kamal and she are a normal couple but both stick to their ideologies. She's more flexible and practical than him, and she's not the first one to make peace with him.

Network 18: So, what's the film about?

Saakshi Tanwar: The film addressed the various issues in our society. When people meet in a coffee house, they discuss issues but don't do anything. The couple tries to make a strong socio-political statement through Kamal's theatre group.

Network 18: Have you ever been to a coffee house?

Saakshi Tanwar: I've celebrated birthdays in the coffee house while in college in Delhi. We had a liking for a particular table. We didn't really talk about issues, but there are people who do that. And the film is about them. In Coffee House, there's a retired person, a guy who's been cheated in life, some directionless youth, and then Kamal's theatre group. Each table has a story to tell, and in the end there's an amalgamation of all.

Network 18: How were you approached for the film?

Saakshi Tanwar: Coffee House was offered to me in December 2007 while I was still doing Kahaani... Gurbir Singh Grewal, the director, called me, and I said 'yes' because I got good vibes from him on the phone. Plus, I started my TV career with him with Dastoor, and I'm doing a film with him. It's my way of restoring the faith he had in me.