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Jan 30, 2009 at 12:18am IST

Saji arrest; findings reveal huge drug racket

Mumbai: The arrest of the IPS officer Saji Mohan is bringing forth details of what now appears to be huge drug racket.

His former colleague in the Chandigarh Narcotics Bureau Balwinder Kumar has corroborated Saji's statement that a portion of seized drugs were siphoned off.

The revelation came after the Maharashtra ATS questioned Balwinder Kumar.

"They were diverting unclaimed seized drugs and selling them off," says Adl Com, ATS, Parambir Singh.

The ATS now plans to bring Saji Mohan's body guards Ravindra Kumar and Devendra Pal to Mumbai for questioning.

Both Ravindra and Devendra are constables in the J&K Police and were Mohan's body guards when he was posted in Chandigarh.

ATS is also probing whether Saji Mohan supplied drugs to smugglers. Atleast 3 more Narcotics bureau officials from Chandigarh could be interrogated by the ATS in the coming days

Sources have told CNN IBN that Saji had revealed names of 19 of his accomplices that not only include narcotics officials but also civilians and drug dealers.