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Oct 14, 2012 at 01:58pm IST

Salman Khurshid dares his critics, says will resign if charges against him are proved

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid has called for an independent inquiry into allegations of forgery and misappropriation of funds against him and his family. While speaking to Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate, Khurshid said that he's ready to resign if the channel (CNN-IBN) wants him to right now. The Congress minister also dared his critics to prove the corruption charges against him.

"No body has said that we have embezzled Rs 71 lakhs. If somebody has said there has been an embezzlement, the answer is no. It is so stupid that I will allow a trust associated with me to embezzle Rs 71 lakhs," clarified Khurshid.

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Challenging IAC member Arvind Kejriwal, Khurshid said, "If the camps did not take place, they must get the money back and if the camps didn't take place, I have lot to answer but actually the camps took place. I inaugurated the camp, my other colleagues inaugurated camps. We have given the entire data of that to the ministry. The ministry has audited accounts of the camps, the pictures of the camps, list of people has been given.'

He also said that there was no forgery of signatures as said by Kejriwal and his team. The Union Minister also called out to the media and said that it is time for media to answer too. "You want me to resign? I will resign on your channel but Karan (Thapar), it is time for all of you to be careful about what you do," said Khurshid.

A TV sting operation had revealed certain irregularities in the usage of funds at the NGO run by Khurshid's wife Louise for the differently-abled, the Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust. IAC activists also accused the duo of not organising health camps in 10 of the 17 districts they had demanded funds from the Centre for. Khurshid, who was in London for the past two days, returned to India on Sunday. Louise had said that Khurshid would respond to all the allegations upon his return. She added that she herself has demanded a probe into the charges.

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