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Feb 15, 2013 at 05:03pm IST

Samsung won't launch the Galaxy S III mini in India

Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini has been available in the grey market for quite some time now, but according to Tech2.com's sources, the phone will not be making it to Indian shores through official channels. This essentially puts the phone out of reach of the people who prefer to have warranties with their expensive gadgets. A representative said that Samsung hasn't revealed any plans to launch the handset in India as of yet.

There can be many reasons for Samsung to not release the phone in India. Maybe the company doesn't see a market for it here and prefers concentrating on the low-end and high-end smartphones. The more cynical among us may think that the company doesn't want the S III Mini to cannibalise the sales of Samsung's other phone in a similar price-bracket-the Galaxy Grand.

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For those that don't care about the warranty, though, the phone is available through various grey market outlets. Grey market vendors are quoting a price of Rs 17,750 for the handset. The S III Mini looks like a smaller version of the record breaking Galaxy S III. While the device was launched back in October 2012, it never made it to India.

Samsung won't launch the Galaxy S III mini in India

The Galaxy S III mini could cannibalise the sales of Samsung's Galaxy Grand.

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