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May 14, 2013 at 03:01pm IST

Sarabjit case opens wounds of spies who spent years in Pak jails

Ferozepur: Two weeks after Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh's tragic killing in a Lahore jail, CNN-IBN is meeting other spies who have spent decades in Pakistani jails, but are almost never acknowledged.

Gopal Das wears his scars as proudly as a soldier, claiming he was on the payroll of the Research and Analysis Wing, drawing Rs 1,500 a month till he was caught by Pakistani rangers in 1985. "Today former terrorists are better off than us," he says.

Sarabjit's saga has opened fresh wounds for former spies like Das. He spent 29 years in Lahore jail, returning in 2012. Not much is left of his home or his belief in the system.

Prabha Bhaskar knows spies rarely get memorials, but the reception her husband Mohan got after six years in a Pakistani jail, is something no one had anticpated. Mohan's son Gaurav Bhaskar says, "Morarji desai butchered the feelings for the nation. He said why should we pay for Pakistan's deeds. He said if Pakistan keeps you for 20 years, are we going to pay you for 20 years. You go we have nothing to offer you."

In his book, 'Main Pakistan Mein Bharat Ka Jasoos Tha' (I was an Indian spy in Pakistan), Mohan Bhaskar wrote about how he wanted to shoot Morarji Desai that day. Mohan Bhaskar died in 2004 at the age of 64, fighting to his last day, to get spies the recognition and respect they deserve.