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Jul 26, 2009 at 04:02pm IST

Saudi man brags about sex life, arrested

New Delhi: A Saudi man has been arrested after bragging about his sex life on television.

A resident of Jeddah, Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared last week on Red Line, a show on a Lebanese channel.

On the show, he reportedly described in graphic details, tales of his sexual conquests.

BANNED: The strict Shariah law, an Islamic tenet absolutely bans all talks of sex and adultery.

The 32-year-old discussed losing his virginity to a neighbour's wife while he was 14 and explained how he picks up Saudi women via Bluetooth.

He also gave a recipe for an aphrodisiac. About 100 people have filed a complaint against Abdul Jawad, alleging that he violated a principle of Shariah law by 'publicising his sinful behavior'.

It is still unclear what punishment Abdul Jawad would face.