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May 12, 2011 at 04:29pm IST

SC gag on Amar Singh tapes lifted

New Delhi: Supreme Court lifted its gag order on media on publishing taped conversations of Amar Singh on Wednesday. Amar Singh may proceed against the telecom operator for illegally tapping his phone, the Apex court says.

There has been suppression of facts by Amar Singh in the case, SC says.

The former Samajwadi Party leader had filed a petition seeking restraint order in 2006, tapes can now be telecast and published.

Supreme Court also observed that there has been suppression of facts by Amar Singh in the case.

"I will first see the judgement and then make a comment," Amar Singh said.

The apex court had on February 27, 2006, restrained the electronic and the print media from broadcasting and publishing the contents of the tapped conversations of anyone, including that of Singh.

These tapes which feature phone conversations between Amar Singh and top politicians and bollywood stars can now be telecast and published freely.

The conversations revolved around Amar Singh discussing with the then Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh about allegedly getting a judge of the Allahabad High Court removed from a matter related to Mulayam.

Another is regarding exchange of money with an industrialist wanting to set up a shop in Uttar Pradesh and the rest are his conversations with Bollywood stars.

Amar Singh and Mulayam are now fierce foes and Singh is even warming up to the Congress ahead of the Uttar Pradesh polls.

But there is a new twist in the tale with allegations being made that the portions of the 2006 CD have been bodily lifted and spliced in to create a new product, the Prashant Bhushan CD.

The Bhushans have already filed a contempt petition alleging Amar Singh's role in fabricating the CD's. But at a time when Amar Singh himself is struggling to be politically relevant, the latest Supreme Court judgement is bound to come as a dampener.

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