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May 08, 2009 at 10:16pm IST

SC issues tough guidelines to curb ragging

New Delhi: The Supreme Court in an unusually strong ruling on Friday gave strict guidelines to tackle the ragging menace.

Taking note of the recent spate of violent ragging incidents, the apex court came down heavily on ragging in educational institutes.

The Supreme Court has ruled that each state should have an anti-ragging committee, students who indulge in ragging under the influence of alcohol must be sent to de-addiction centres and anyone indulging in ragging must be given psychological treatment.

Experts agree with Supreme Court's ruling.

"People who bully have a history of drug abuse, alcohol dependence or a troubled childhood... and these are things that need to be corrected and dealt with so that the society does not have to bear the consequences of their act," said Sameer Malhotra, Head of Psychiatry, Fortis.

For Rajendra Kachroo, whose son Aman was ragged to death at a medical college in Himachal Pradesh two months back, the ruling is a minor victory.

"In the SC statement on ragging there is an emphasis that we have to stop and prevent the practice of ragging for good in India. It seems like a historic judgment it is a very value added judgment," said Rajendra Kachroo.

The apex court has also directed all state governments to give an undertaking about the steps taken by them to eradicate ragging.

Ragging is not new phenomenon but it has certainly turned brutal in the recent past.

Past ragging cases

On May 3, seven students of the Lawrence School in Sanawar were sent home for allegedly ragging their juniors. The class 12 students were accused of beating up standard 10 students.

Aman Kachroo, a first year medical student in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh was allegedly beaten to death by his seniors on March 8. Aman had earlier complained that he was being ragged but no action was taken.

The same day in Coimbatore, a 19-year-old management student, Akhil Dev was manhandled by his seniors. Akhil was nearly blinded after he was thrown down the stairs and beaten with a steel chair, because he had refused to give them money

Just a few days later on March 12 a first year student attempted suicide after she was forced to strip and dance by her seniors. The incident happened at an engineering college in Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh.

(With inputs from Ashok Bagariya)