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May 27, 2011 at 01:59pm IST

School principal pushed for my arrest: Krittika

New Delhi: Krittika Biswas, the daughter of an Indian diplomat who has sued New York City for $ 1.5 million after being wrongly arrested for sending obscene e-mails is accusing her school of singling her out.

Krittika said, "The school principal actually pushed for my arrest before checking facts. I was arrested on suspicion while the real culprit was forgiven after he apologized. School decided not to press charges against the actual culprit."

"I didn't understand that difference. School should have gathered evidence before pointing fingers at me. I hope the school learns a lesson from this incident." Krittika said.

"My schools friends have been supportive, but teachers don't talk about it. I was absolutely clean therefore I took legal action. It's not okay to use your power to mess with people." Krittika added.

Krittika's arrest had sent the diplomatic community in a tizzy; Foreign Minsiter SM Krishna had to intervene to get her release.

"I had intervened to get the girl released even when I was in United States of America and subsequently we took it up very strongly with the State Department of the government of United States," Krishna said.

Foreign Minsiter said, "Now that I have seen reports that the girl has sought or seeking to take legal remedies available in the US system against infringement of her rights. This is a judicial; process and I am sure that you would appreciate that we do not comment on any event when the judicious process is on."

"Diplomatic immunity is defined in different countries in different ways and in United States they are bound by the law of their own land but we have taken it up with the State Department." Krishna added.

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