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Sep 03, 2013 at 10:18am IST

School students turn into crusaders to clean the pink city

Jaipur: Hundreds of school children in Jaipur have become green crusaders to clean up the pink city and make others aware about the heritage of the 300-year-old city.

The students walk door to door to appeal the people to keep the city clean. "There are so many mosquitoes around this area. Can you please the tell people who come to you to keep this place clean. If we live surrounded by garbage we also begin to think like it. We hope you will help us," a student raised an appeal to the shopkeepers in the area.

The initiative named as the 'Team Clean Jaipur' was started over six months ago by an NRI Avi Dandiya. Children involved in the campaign gather at unique combined assemblies before they set out on the streets. Debates, essay-writing competitions and awareness campaigns on social media are done by school children.

"What we've seen is children are very direct in their approach. They go up to total strangers on the streets and tell them to stop spitting on the roads. So they will not only internalise this they will also embarrass other people into keeping cleanliness," said the Principal of MGD School Jaipur Suniti Sharma.

The campaign is spreading across the schools in the city with strength of over a lakh children with over 50 schools. Recalling how the initiate started Avi Dandiya, the NRI behind the initiative said, "I saw a pile of garbage which was there for over a week so I took a picture with my phone and put it up on the Facebook and people started connecting. I invited them to my office and that's how it all began."

Team Clean Jaipur is now beginning to hold the authorities accountable by asking the pertinent questions. "We ask questions and make appeals to the Jaipur Municipal Corporation officials responsible for keeping Jaipur clean," a student said.

As the initiative sweeps through the schools of Jaipur with numbers adding up everyday, the Team Clean Jaipur is hoping to expand its horizon to other cities of the country as well.