Nov 23, 2008 at 06:19pm IST

Scindia campaings for Cong in Gwalior

Dabra: Shrimanth Maharaja Scindia is on an election campaign in his erstwhile kingdom of Gwalior to garner support for the Congress. The campaign is hectic but the agenda clear.

Scindia says, ``I have toured 65 constituencies so far. Because all my energies are focused on just one thing and that is to ensure that Soniaji's directive to us to ensure a Congress government in MP is achieved"

The people's prince is leaving no stone unturned. The quintessential bandh gala and the fancy sunglasses are missing.

Instead there is what the aam aadmi could best identify with, a regular cotton churidaar pyjama and a Congress scarf carelessly thrown around his neck.

Once, with people he becomes one with them. Sitting on the floor, accepting garlands, even remembering to address them by their names.

For voters lined up on roads, this works. They watch him with folded hands, climbing on to toes to catch a glimpse.

His audience has everyone. Old men, young boys, school girls and even the in- ghoonghat old women. He makes tall promises with all the drama required.

Scindia says, ``Sau kaurvon ek taraf aur ek arjun doosri taraf (hundred soldiers on one side and one Arjun on the other).”

"The Congress party never believes in committing to something to which it can not deliver. I think unlike the stock market our record in governance stands by the future ability to deliver, "adds Scindia.

The Maharaja is everywhere. On posters in the countryside, his pictures support the local candidate.

He talks about the developmental schemes he has brought to the region. For him the battle is not against just the BJP but all those from within the Congress who want to push him back.

The internal bickering in the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, not withstanding all the top contenders for the post of chief minister, are trying their best to ensure victory for their respective candidates.

Jyotiraditya Scindia controls the Gwalior-Chambal division and a possible role for him in the future will be determined by the number of Congressmen that emerge victorious over here.