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Mar 02, 2009 at 03:42am IST

Second wife and child man's responsibility

New Delhi: In a significant order, a Lok Adalat in Delhi has ruled that even a second wife has the right to maintenance for herself and their child.

The ruling came while the court heard the case of a Delhi Police constable who is accused of polygamy.

The policeman had illegally married a second time in 2003.

INNOCENT VICTIM: Court has asked the constable to include the name of his innocent daughter in his documents.

The court has now directed him to pay his second wife Rs.4,000 per month as maintenance.

It has also asked the constable to include the name of his daughter in his documents, including the Central Government Health Scheme, so that she can avail the facility.

The decisions by Lok Adalats are final and binding and no appeals can be made against their orders in future.