Oct 07, 2009 at 03:29pm IST

Seeing is believing: check out this big egg

Ottawa: A hen in Canada has laid probably the largest egg in the poultry history of this country.

Three times the size of a normal egg, this one weighs 143 grams and is as heavy as a baseball. The recording-breaking egg was laid on last Friday on Laurie McCannell's farm in Vars on the outskirts of the Canadian capital Ottawa.

Laurie, who owns 80 hens on her farm, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that it is not unusual for her hens to lay eggs too large to fit in a jumbo egg carton.

Seeing is believing: check out this big egg

WONDERS OF NATURE: An egg weighing in at 143 gms is seen in Ontario, Canada.

"But this one is ridiculously big,'' she said.

Jumbo is the largest egg size recognized by the Canadian department of agriculture, and includes all eggs over 70 grams.

Laurie said she was hoping that this egg would break a record.

But according to Guinness World Records, the biggest egg was laid in 1896 by a hen on a farm in Lancashire in Britain. It weighed 340 grams.

But chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada, Laurent Souligny said, "I was quite surprised to hear that a hen could lay an egg that size.''

He said he has never heard of any other egg reported as big as this one in Canada.