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Sep 28, 2008 at 02:19pm IST

Selective regulation not acceptable: NSA

New York: India’s National Security Adviser MK Narayanan is confident that opposition from sections of the US political community to the nuclear deal is not a very serious issue.

CNN’s Indira Kannan spoke to him.

Indira Kannan: Where does the deal stand at the present time?

MK Narayanan: I think there is bipartisan sort of understanding on all matters relating to India including the civil nuclear deal.

Indira Kannan: Are there any specific concerns that you expect, especially Democratic lawmakers to raise and what would the Indian response would be to that?

MK Narayanan: We are as transparent as any country can be. We have made it very clear where we stand. If there is universal global nuclear disarmament, we will stand for it. Otherwise, we are not prepared for any selective regulation for India. We have voluntary moratorium on testing unless situation necessitates things and I don’t think that is ever going to arise.

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