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Jul 23, 2008 at 11:48am IST

Serial killer gives Chennai sleepless nights

Chennai: Being a security guard always spelt danger, but it's just got more dangerous.

Security guards are petrified after a spate of murders in West Chennai. Six guards have been killed in the last month alone. All of them were burnt extensively after they were hit on the head.

Men like Dorai are afraid that it's a psychopath who's hunting down security guards like him.

"I was there right in the next house where the murder was committed and I am so scared now. But I don't have a choice. It's a matter of survival for me. But I have asked for a change in my shift. I am working only on day shift now," says he.

Nine murders have been reported in less than a month and six of the victims were security guards and three were rag pickers. Guards in the city are convinced that it's a serial killer at work. The police, though, are not too sure.

Joint Commissioner, M Ravi says, "We have formed special teams and very soon we will catch the killer. We don't think it is a psycho killer because of various reasons. There is no pattern to prove that its a pyscho killer. But we are not ruling out any possibility."

Though the police is on the job of tracing down the murderer, the residents of many localities continue to have sleepless nights in the fear of more such attacks.