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Mar 14, 2008 at 03:58pm IST

Ten-year-old boy burnt alive in New Delhi

New Delhi: A 10-year-old boy was burnt alive in Alipur on the outskirts of New Delhi on Thursday night.

The incident took place at a wedding procession, where a car reportedly hit the boy’s bicycle.

Eyewitness reports say the boy, Sanjeev, was beaten up, when he asked for compensation. He was then dragged to a field where he was set on fire in a stack of hay.

According to the local people the men, who beat up and burnt Sanjeev, had come to Alipur from Meerut to attend a marriage function.

"The boy was playing in the vicinity of his house until 7:30 in the evening. He then went out on his bicycle. After a while we learnt that he'd met with an accident. We came looking for him but couldn't find him anywhere. We have still not been able to trace his bicycle. After a while we heard of a fire around and went to check it out. All we could see were the feet of the boy," Om Veer, Sanjeev's uncle, said.

Only a charred foot was all that was left to identify Sanjeev.

As the shocked community reacted, anger spilled out onto the streets. The police have registered a case and detained five people for questioning.

"We have sent the body to the hospital. We are also recording the statement of the people. All those who are under suspicion will be arrested. We have already detained some people," Dinesh Kumar, Superintendent of Police, Narela said.

The cruel twist in the tale is that Sanjeev was a guest at the same wedding his killer had come to attend.

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