Feb 23, 2008 at 06:38pm IST

SH Raza all young and vibrant at 86

New Delhi: An artist, famously known as the ‘Bindu man’ turns 86. SH Raza recently celebrated his birthday in the Capital and even as he turns 86, he is young and vibrant with the urge to explore his world of art.

On Raza’s birthday, an old friend and filmmaker Muzaffar Ali reconnected with him after decades and brought alive memories of Raza's younger days strolling down lanes of Gorbio in the south of France.

"Like a child, full of wonder, joy, discovery, and quest, that little child, jumping around, paid him his biggest dividends. And that child is still alive in him,” says filmmaker, Muzaffar Ali,

"He Keeps on emphasizing that art is a matter of love and passion, effort and research, and very marginally a matter of money. From someone who's the top grade at money making, that's an important statement," says Art Critic, Ashok Vajpayee.

For an artist whose canvases break records with the highest auctioned for 1.4 million dollars, giving the art market a snub does come as a pleasant surprise.

"The art market! I am not looking at it at all. It's a misunderstanding. We should not waste our time on trivial things," says SH Raza.

Though it may be easy for him to look beyond the market at this stage however, that's what the real Raza has always been.