Jan 02, 2009 at 01:03am IST

Shane Warne's life gets a musical touch

Melbourne: Australian cricketer Shane Warne might have retired from the game but he still remains one of the Australia’s most widely popular sporting figures.

The life of Australia's greatest bowler Shane Keath Warne is as much about the way he bamboozled batsmen on the field as it is about his much publicised off the field antics. And Eddie Perfect, a renowned Australian theatrical innovator, decided to stitch this into a musical spoof - a warts-and-all account of Warne's career.

“Shane Warne's life can be defined by extremes. You know, we have got extreme things like success and failure, shame and redemption. You know, success and love and loss and exotic locations and drugs and sex,” says Eddie.

MUSICAL JOURNEY: Shane Warne is still one of the Australia’s most widely popular sporting figures.

The 39-year-old who retired from international cricket a year ago initially had reservations about how the musical would depict his controversial life. But after watching the outcome himself Warne was rather pleased. Afterall, the producers of the show had no intentions of offending their Icon.

“I think that I have an ethical right to do this because Australia has lived with Shane Warne for what has been 16 years. You know, we have invested in him. He has been in our living rooms, in our hearts, he has created sporting history for us and he has created headlines,” adds Eddie.