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'Share My Dabba' plan gets food left over in tiffins to street kids

May 11, 2013 at 11:00am IST

Enjoy your lunch? Now here's a chance to share that joy with someone less fortunate. The 'Share My Dabba' initiative aims to get food left over in dabbas to hungry street children, using just a tiny Share sticker and the extensive dabbawala network. The initiative is a joint effort between Happy Life Welfare Society and The Dabbawala Foundation.

Abhinav Tripathi, who uploaded the video explained that the red 'Share sticker' gives a system that can work within the dabbawala's existing system.

The Share sticker dabbas are simply kept aside while the dabbawala's sort the ones without stickers. In that window, volunteers give the food to children and repack the dabbas. Now the dabbawalas can sort these dabbas.

How Mumbai's 'Share My Dabba' plan gets food left over in tiffins to hungry street kids


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