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Jul 31, 2008 at 07:49am IST

Guj: Cops try to grasp new bomb technology

Ahmedabad: The diamond capital of the nation is under seige. More and more live bombs are being defused with the police hoping that the count would end soon. Clearly, the idea was to strike Gujarat and strike hard.

After another bomb was found in Mahidarpur area, very close to Railway Station in Surat, the police are now left wondering about the new technology terrorists are using.

Surat Commissioner of Police, R M S Brar says, "These are new kind of bombs with integrated circuits, which we have heard from the past in Jaipur and Bangalore, but we have seen this for the first time here. Mostly bombs planted on Saturday and Sunday. We found them as we were on high alert. Most of the bombs in Surat were planted on the either before the Ahmedabad blasts or on the same day."

Meanwhile, the Surat Police face one big question - how is it possible that not even a single bomb went off?

Brar says, "Why exactly didn't the bombs blow up? FSL is checking whether there are any manufacturing defects. Nothing can be said before the report comes."

Embeded chips were used in the bombs found in Surat, suggesting a common link with the ones found in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The other common features are:

  • The explosive material used was ammonium nitrate
  • Containers were similar to the ones used in Bangalore and Ahmedabad
  • Batteries were used to produce the spark for setting off the bombs

Ammonium nitrate, gelatin sticks, nuts, bolts, iron filings, batteries and wires are very easily available, as are devices with integrated chips - watches. Watches are functional only because they are fitted with integrated chips.

The mechanism of an integrated chip bomb

In an integrated chip bomb batteries are attached to wires to generate spark and power. Once the circuit closes at a designated time, the chip generates a pulse, which in turn creates pressure between ammonium nitrate and the iron filings or the nut and bolts. The pressure followed by a chemical reaction leads to an explosion.

"We don't have any idea of which group is involved. But we do know for sure that local people were involved as without local help, such a mammoth operation would have been very difficult," says Brar.

Surat Police might well believe that luck saved them, but only investigations will show if it was their luck or the failure of the terror outfits by design or default.

(With inputs from Raksha Shetty in Surat)