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Jun 18, 2007 at 12:30pm IST

Shilpa's win no big deal: Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai: Actor Shilpa Shetty’s win at the UK reality show Celebrity Big Brother evoked mixed response from her fans and film industry people back home. While Mahesh Bhatt slammed her win as that of a “child winning an essay competition” her father said he is proud of her.

"The media must put things in right perspective. Obviously we are happy that she has won it but after all, it is only a game show that was meant to achieve the producer's own end," Bhatt said.

Mahesh Bhatt asked the media to calm down the hype saying, “all that she has won is a TV game show” and that there are much larger issues at hand that need attention.

Bhatt said that Shilpa’s win is more like that of a child winning an essay competition. "When your child wins an essay competition, you feel happy about it but that is not the centre of your life," he added.

Meanwhile Shilpa’s father Surendra Shetty said he is proud of his daughter. “I always knew that the women in my house are strong women. Shilpa is a woman of substance and I knew she will stand against all odds,” he said.

Shilpa takes home the prize money of a hundred thousand pounds besides the promise of more reality shows coming her way.

“She got lot of votes due to sympathy. There was a sympathy factor but she was also one of the prominent stars,” said one of her fans in Delhi.

“I think racism played an active part in her grabbing attention of the world. She has done India proud though,” said another.

Whether Shilpa takes up the offers of more such reality shows or not, winning Big Brother has lend her enough fame and popularity to cash on.

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