Jan 13, 2013 at 05:37pm IST

Shoonyo Awnko: I play a socially responsible journalist in this Bengali film, says Konkana Sen Sharma

Kolkata: The role of a socially responsible journalist in a Goutam Ghosh movie is perfect in many ways since the character is an ideal person, says actress Konkona Sen Sharma about her role in 'Shoonyo Awnko' (Act Zero).

"Raka Bose is an ideal person. She is someone acutely aware about her social responsibilty. And when you work under one like Goutam Ghosh that becomes the ideal situation to work on such a character. So it becomes ideal in many ways,"

Konkona told PTI here last evening.

Konkana plays a journalist in 'Shoonyo Awnko'

Konkana Sen Sharma's role in 'Shoonyo Awnko' is perfect as teh character is an ideal person.

Konkona, one of the six principal characters faced with the confronting realities of insurgency-stricken, poverty-ridden 'Bharat' and the shining 'India' of IT and city Volvo services, said "Goutam mama (Gautam uncle) didn't

specifically give any tips before a shot."

Asked if she had modelled her role on any woman journalist she had interacted with and Konkona said, "No, I didn't. I haven't encountered any journo like Raka in real life frankly speaking and I went by my instinct and the

director's brief."

Konkona, whose third film 'Mr and Mrs Iyer' by Aparna Sen had been cinematographed by Goutam Ghosh, said, "Yes in his film 'Shoonyo Awnko' too he is the cinematographer. But frankly speaking I don't know that much of cinematography to comment except that the camera work looks really good."

Asked how she has evolved over the years after turning up in films by directors ranging from Aparna Sen (Mr and Mrs Iyer, Iti Mrinalini, 15 Park Avenue), Rituparno Ghosh (Titli), Madhur Bhandarkar (Page 3) and Goutam Ghosh, Konkona said "I feel I still remain the same working with so many big directors.

"When you feel humbled, how can you rate your performance, or whether you have changed," she added as an afterthought.