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Shruthi strikes BO gold with Gabbar Singh

May 16, 2012 at 03:45pm IST

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In an industry that has too harbours too many omens, Shruthi Hassan unsurprisingly earned the tag of 'Iron Leg' (a patronising term used for those who fail the films they act in) too early in her career. However, after May 11, that is going to be a thing of yesterday. For, she seems to have struck Box Office gold with Gabbar Singh, arguably the year's most-awaited film since Businessman.

Looking irresistibly fresh and hale, she looks pretty in traditional costumes in the film. She doesn't get to speak much. But she uses the space given to her by emoting through eyes and, more importantly, in splendid duets shot in the backdrop of picturesque Swiss locales.

The actress was well aware of the challenge. She has always said that Gabbar Singh is her most important role. She did her homework well. Though the film is essentially a Pawan film, leaving little space for others, Shruthi did make her mark.

Shruthi strikes BO gold with Gabbar Singh

In an industry with too many hurdles , Shruthi Hassan earned the tag of 'Iron Leg' too early in her career.