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Dec 12, 2012 at 08:48am IST

Shweta Bhatt and Jagruti Pandya: The 2 women taking on Modi in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Two women have dared to take on the 'Iron Man' of Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The two women, Shweta Bhatt - wife of suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt - and Jagruti Pandya - former state Home Minister Haren Pandya's widow - have been leading a personalised campaign against him.

Not many politicians would want to take on Narendra Modi in his constituency Maninagar. But Shweta Bhatt's campaign isn't just about politics. The wife of Sanjiv Bhatt has hit the election trail as a Congress candidate, but she says her fight is about justice for her husband who took on Modi in the 2002 riots case.

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Shweta says, "My husband, family, daughter and everybody have been harassed. If they are troubled, why should I as a housewife not come out and raise my voice."

A few kilometres from Shweta Bhatt's campaign, there's the story of a widow who is keeping her husband's political legacy alive, Jagruti Pandya. She is the widow of the slain former home minister of Gujarat Haren Pandya. Haren Pandya had taken on Narendra Modi before he was killed and Jagruti says her fight as a rebel BJP candidate is to hit back at Modi for sidelining her husband after 2002.

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GPP candidate Jagruti Pandya says, "This issue is now in the people's court. Truth will prevail. It appears as if it is taking time, but the truth will come out."

Shweta and Jagruti's fight may be symbolic at the end of the day and not affect the electoral outcome, but there's a reason these two women are an embarrassment for Modi. Jagruti Pandya and Shweta Bhatt are contesting on different party tickets, but their campaigning has caused much of an embarrassment for Narendra Modi, as they have launched a very personalised campaign against him.

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