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Dec 07, 2011 at 12:58pm IST

Siddharth is the new Pooja Misrra of 'Bigg Boss'

Mumbai: Thanks to her violent behavior, Pooja Misrra was asked to leave the Bigg Boss house. Though she is not around, but all the housemates are still following her tricks for surviving in Bigg Boss. Siddharth is nominated for eviction this week. These days he keeps on looking for a reason to pick up a fight with Amar Upadhyay.

Sometime back, Sid irritated Amar by saying that there are bright chances of Amar going home this week. This was followed by a crass fight between the too. This wasn't enough for Sid, so on day 65 Sid poked Amar again. He said, "When I said that you will be eliminated, you got so upset. However, when Sky thrashed you earlier, you were okay with it."

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Amar decided to ignore him and continue his conversation with his new gang members Juhi Parmar, Akashdep Saigal and Sunny Leone. Mahek Chahal, who has had ugly fights with Sid in past is supporting him these days. She further fueled Sid’s anger by making a few nasty comments about Amar.

Siddharth is the new Pooja Misrra of 'Bigg Boss'


When Sky tried to intervene between the argument, Sid told him, "You rather stay out of this as you use even dirty gimmicks to stay on the show."

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Apart from Mahek, no one is on Sid's side these days. Even Shonali Nagrani is often seen criticizing him for being loud and over confident.

Sky feels Sid has totally lost it and he is demeaning his image by doing all this now. While talking to Juhi, Sky said that Sid has high chances of being eliminated this week.

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Sunny and Shonali patch up

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After Shonali Nagrani created a huge drama over Sunny lying to her, Sky finally decided to tell her the truth. This time in nomination process, Bigg Boss asked housemates to vote for their favorites in the house. Sunny voted for Shonali and told the same to her. Sky didn't want Sunny to lose Amar's trust so he told Shonali that Sunny voted for Amar.

When Sky revealed the entire story to her, Shonali felt extremely guilty. She apologized to Sunny. After few emotional dialogues, both the ladies were seen hugging each other.

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The latest task

For the latest weekly task, Bigg Boss has turned the house into a jail. Sid, Shonali and Juhi are the jailers and others are criminals. All the contestants have been provided appropriate costumes for the task. The criminals are supposed to sleep in the new jail created in the garden area. One of the jailers has to awake and keep an eye on the prisoners.

The prisoners have been asked to steal an envelope from jailer's cupboard, and the jailers are supposed to stop them. Let's see who wins the task. Juhi and Shonali are disappointed to have Sid on their side as they do not consider him trustworthy.

From Amar, Mahek, Sid and Shonali one of the Bigg Boss 5 contestants will be eliminated this week.