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Nov 14, 2012 at 09:31am IST

Sikkim: Meet the Dirty Angels Bikers Club members who ride for a mission

Tadong: The Dirty Angels Bikers Club of Sikkim has been proving to be a group of messiahs for the needy. Roaring through the hills, the young boys from Sikkim show that behind their leather jackets and tough looks, is a will to make a difference.

Mayalmu Sang, an NGO in Tadong, is one of the many stops that the young bikers make. They help them with supplies and at times are all ears. Mayalmu Sang member says, "They come and support us, it feels very nice. We need donations and help."

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Sometimes through words and often through signs, the men prove that when language fails, all you need is the will to reach out. Mayalmu Sang inmate Bishnu Tamang says, "It's good when the brothers come to visit us. We feel loved when people from outside come and accept us the way we are."

Organising fund-raisers and spreading the message of help, they are men on a mission. Dirty Angels Motorcycles Club founder Tshering Lepcha says, "We are a bridge between the government and the youth and we tell them to be positive in life, not to drugs but to reach out."

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"It's a passion for all of us and our bikes are a medium for us. When we go out on ten bikes, people look at us, we get attention," says Dirty Angels member Ringzing Nadikpa. For a state where most young men and women aspire for a government job, these men have decided to do their bit for others.