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Aug 11, 2009 at 11:03am IST

Singapore boy survives nine-storey fall

Singapore: A Singapore boy survived a fall from an open window of the family flat on the ninth floor of an apartment building, escaping with cuts to his face and body as well as a fractured ankle, a media report said on Tuesday.

Park Sihu, a three-year-old boy, landed in bushes in front of the building.

He was found conscious and crying, but still able to respond to his mother, despite clearly being traumatised, The Straits Times newspaper reported.

GOD'S HAND: The boy's mother hails God's intervention for the miraculous survival. (Representative image)

The little boy had been climbing on a bed beside an open window when he fell.

His two elder sisters were in the same room with him, but were busy studying and paid little attention to their brother.

"God must have protected him," the report quoted the boy's mother as saying.