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Jun 20, 2007 at 05:16am IST

Charas flowing freely in Himachal

Kullu Valley (Himachal Pradesh): Forest lands, which is known as wastelands, in Kullu Valley often used for Charas (Cannabis) cultivation. But on paper the land belongs to no one. So even the police find the fields, they don't have anyone to prosecute.

So who really grows Charas in Himachal’s Parvati Valley? According to intelligence report available with CNN-IBN’s Special Investigation Team, it's a foreign drug mafia, from Europe to Israel that now runs India's Charas trade by remote control.

Himachal Pradesh Narcotics Officer O P Sharma says, “Communication is so advanced, they are remote controlling it.”

They have taught the locals so their presence is not required on how to pack etc.

To find out how these deals are struck, CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team posed as foreign drug tourists and met one such local drug trafficker named Santosh.

Drug dealer Santosh: Tell her that she will not have any complaint about the maal (product).

Drug dealer Madan: You will not get any complaints about the maal.

The drug dealers showed the Charas samples to the Special Investigation Team and promised delivery anywhere in India or abroad.

Drug dealer Madan: Next time you want in Delhi, Goa or Mumbai, we will provide you there.

It was clear that local dealers had plenty of experience in striking deals.

Drug dealer Madan: Nobody will give you without advance here.

CNN-IBN SIT: I can show you the money if you want.

Drug dealer Sudesh: You want to pay some advance?

CNN-IBN SIT: I will pay the entire money after I see the entire stuff, that’s my only deal.

Finally, with the covert help of enforcement agencies, CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team showed the dealers Rs 18 lakh to strike a deal for 40 kilos of Charas.

Drug dealer Madan: Ok, we trust you and we will take the risk.

However, the drug dealers soon figured that they were dealing with journalists.