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Mar 27, 2009 at 02:35pm IST

Delhi CM praises NGO Katha for its work

New Delhi: The celebration of spirited women doesn't necessarily come with power. When nearly 500 women from the slums came together to bring colour to the 'Dilli ki Shaan' event organised by the NGO Katha, the word empowerment moved beyond being just a trite word.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said, "It is organisations like these which help in making women financially stable. The women in this organisation together earn about Rs 45 lakh a month."

Katha has been working with slum women in Delhi since 1988 through diverse income generating activities, adult education programmes, self help groups and welfare committees - all with a view to get women to fight for their rights denied to them due to poverty.

The founder of Katha, Geeta Dharmarajan says, "Empowerment of women is not a fancy phrase at all. Take a look at our women. They are earning about Rs 45 lakh a month. We need more and more educated women to come out there to help the others."

Moving beyond financial hurdles and making a life for themselves has been a driving force for the women who come to Delhi in search of a better life. And for those who have been empowered, it has only inspired them to help others like them.

Says one of the women whose life changed due to Katha, Mrs Gupta, "Our life has changed considerably. Earlier we were afraid of even climbing buses, but now we can do almost everything."

Empowerment of women becomes more than just a fancy phrase as these women from the slums take the initiative to break beyond the shackles of community biases, illiteracy and financial difficulties - all to make a life for themselves.