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Feb 22, 2008 at 11:25am IST

Small dreams, big bucks: IPL changed lives

New Delhi/Kolkata: Phones have not stopped ringing in Ishant Sharma's home ever since Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata IPL team paid an astronomical Rs 3.8 crore for the 19-year-old fast bowler, affectionately called lamboo by his teammates.

But his very middle-class family remains unaffected and says the bid is not entirely a surprise

Says his father Vijay Kumar Sharma, “We expected a high bid for Ishant and when the others players were bid for, we guessed.”

THE SMALL WONDER: 19-year-old Ishant Sharma was bid at an astronomical Rs 3.8 crore.

But the money certainly attracted attention with bankers offering the best returns on the unearned millions. But Ishant's father is keeping his investment plans to himself.

“Let him come home first, then we will decide what has to be done,” he says.

Ishant may be the highest paid bowler of the IPL but playing in the big league with experienced players is what his father believes will work truly to his advantage.

Back in Kolkata, Manoj Tiwari's family is overwhelmed too. His father Shyam Shankar Tiwari is a fitter with the railways and is clearly overwhelmed by the Rs 2.7-crore price tag that Manoj commands. For a man who fed a family of five with difficulty and could not afford cricket classes for his son, is elated with his 22-year-old son's success.

Says his mother Bina Tiwari, “Obviously we are happy. I want him to grow and now it’s up to him how he wants to spend the money. The money will be with him.”

Both cricketers have a long international journey ahead and while the fat bank balance will be celebrated, nothing will match the thrill of wickets and runs against the world's best.

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