Feb 14, 2013 at 12:34pm IST

Pizza Hut launches the world's first pizza flavoured fragrance

New Delhi: Pizza Hut took a Facebook message from a die hard fan too seriously and recently launched a bottle that captures the fragrance of the pizza which is high on Italian slices like oregano, tomato sauce, vegetables and cheese.

The die hard fan expressed his love for the smell of the box of a Pizza Hut pizza. In late 2012, a fan posted on Pizza Hut Facebook page, "I love the smell of a fresh Pizza Hut so much, I wish I could bottle it." The Canadian operation of Pizza Hut, after receiving a good response from the Facebook fans on the fragrance of pizza, granted the wish of the fan and bottled the fragrance of a freshly baked pizza.

Named Eau De Pizza, the scent is a limited edition which was launched to mark the Pizza Hut Canada page making it to 1,00,000 fans.

Pizza Hut launches pizza flavoured fragrance

Pizza Hut recently launched the a bottle that captures the fragrance of the pizza.

The Pizza Hut has given its fans the chance to smell like pizza by coming up with the new fragrance 'Eau De Pizza'. And, what better time to launch the fragrance than Valentine's Day.

Pizza Hut is taking their marketing gimmick to a new level by giving out Eau De Pizza Hut to couples on Valentine's Day in the form of packages. The new scent will also be awarded to biggest Pizza Hut fans. So are you ready to grab your own bottle?

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