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Dec 25, 2007 at 11:28pm IST

Sobhraj wants French Prez's protection

New Delhi: Charles Sobhraj's French lawyer is seeking a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy to ask him to raise the issue of Sobhraj's imprisonment with the Nepal government.

Notorious international criminal Charles Sobhraj is currently serving a life sentence in Kathmandu for the murder of an American woman over three decades ago.

Sobhraj is a French citizen and was living in Paris since 1997, until his arrest in 2003. His lawyers are asking French human rights organisations to protest for Sobhraj's cause.

They say they are also preparing to approach the UN Human Rights Committee and International Court of Justice.

On Monday, Sobhraj had told CNN IBN that he was sure the Nepalese judiciary would never acquit him for fear of criticism.

He alleged that Nepal's judiciary was scared of a section of media due to which it was delaying a verdict in his case.

The international fugitive claimed that fearing media criticism, the judges hesitated to apply Nepal's laws and international practices in his case.

Sobhraj, also known as 'Bikini Killer', had said that he was shocked over the recent decision of the Supreme Court to reopen a fake passport case against him, which was earlier dismissed by the lower courts.

Sobhraj, who is half-Indian and half-Vietnamese, had filed an appeal before the apex court against Kathmandu District Court's verdict awarding him life sentence for murdering American backpacker Connie Bronzich here in 1975.

Besides Bronzich, police had accused him of murdering her Canadian companion Laurent Armand Carriere, but he was convicted by the lower court of killing Bronzich only.

Sobhraj was arrested on September 19, 2003 from Casino Royale in Kathmandu. He is suspected to have killed at least 12 travellers in India, Thailand and Nepal in 1970s and is also linked to drug rackets and forgery cases in the tree countries.

(With inputs from agencies)

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